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17 Common Mistakes During Divorce! Can You Guess What They Are?

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17 Common Mistakes During Divorce!

We know that Divorce is a complicated process, and those involved must face legal, financial and psychological challenges simultaneously, all while managing everyday work and parenting demands. The following information was gathered from published articles and our own experience here at the firm. 17 MOST common mistakes cannot only be damaging to your “Divorce Case”, but can also stop you from moving on. Avoiding them can help ensure a better outcome while assisting you on your way to healing.

These 17 MOST common mistakes cannot only be damaging to your “Divorce Case”, but can also stop you from moving on. Avoiding these can help ensure a better outcome while helping you get on your way to a better single you.

1. Signing a legal agreement without understanding it completely.
2. Letting emotions, guilt, loneliness, embarrassment and even your fears affect your future decisions.
3. Not asking for financial assistance from close family members to get help from a professional Family & Divorce Lawyer.
4. Confiding to the wrong people, this includes “Family Members”.
5. Not disclosing all assets and debts of the marital partnership to your Attorney.
6. Moving out of your family home or leaving your children in your spouse’s custody temporarily when your objective is to remain in the family home and to be the custodial parent. (Abandonment).
7. Continuing Divorce negotiations or mediation when it is no longer productive or financially worthwhile to do it.
8. Initiating a Divorce but then reconciling, or living separately for a while and leaving your Divorce action dangling.
9. Fighting in front of your children. This can cause severe emotional damage.

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Fighting in front of your children does not solve anything!

10. Assuming that your settlement must conform to the terms a judge would order if your case went to trial or to a prescribed formula that does not consider specific factors in your case.
11. Settling for less child support than you need and to which you are entitled.
12. Believing what’s theirs isn’t yours and not recognizing that marriage is an economic partnership.
13. Failing to ensure continued child and spousal support

14. Disregarding court orders. (Contempt of Court can cost you more than money)

Contempt during divorce is not a good thing
15. Utilizing delay tactics by switching lawyers frequently.
16. Sleeping with your attorney or with anyone involved in your Divorce case, such as your counselor, financial advisor, or mediator.

17. Not moving on to start your new life by continuing to chase after your ex that has moved on.

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