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Child custody is still a very delicate part of Family Law. Georgia law has changed over the years, and you need an Attorney that has the education and experience in Georgia.

S Dixon Law Offices has represented many clients in the last several years, and the goal is always to create the best possible scenario for the children and family. Divorce affects parents, children, grandparents as well as other family members involved. The ability to practice law and stay compassionate, while making sure the client is represented fairly is a definite strength.

Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon believes that her passion for helping families in need of resolution, coupled with her knowledge and experience in the area of Georgia family law, enables her to provide above average service consistently. Educating clients about their rights and presenting reasonable solutions while the families are going through a very emotional time in their lives, is the reason for a positive outcome in most cases. Client cooperation and complete honesty about their situation is essential and often a deciding factor in their case.

If you hire Attorney Stephanie Dixon, be prepared to receive excellent service and great communication. Emails and phone calls will be returned within 24-48 hours during business days. (Holidays and Weekends exempted). In some cases, child support payment arrangements can be agreed upon. Payments must be made promptly for the case to move forward. Non-payment can cause a delay in representation as well as prolong the case.


There are two types of custody in Georgia:  Legal custody and Physical custody.  Legal custody deals with making decisions regarding your child’s education, healthcare, extra-curricular activities, and religion.  In a custody dispute, parents are usually awarded joint legal custody with one parent having final decision-making authority.  The courts determine physical custody based on many factors. Georgia law requires the court to apply the “best interest of the child” standard when determining physical custody.


In Georgia, grandparents have the right to petition the court for visitation or custody of their grandchildren.  Third-parties such as aunts, uncles, other relatives and sometimes non-relatives may seek custody or visitation with the minor child as well.

Grandparents can petition the Court for visitation by (1) filing an original action or (2) intervening in an existing action.  Grandparents may only file an original action for visitation with their grandchild if the parents of the minor child are separated and the child is not living with both parents. Grandparents may intervene in an action where the custody of their grandchild is an issue in the divorce of the parents or a parent, in a termination of parental rights case of either parent, in a visitation rights case concerning their grandchild and in the adoption case where their grandchild is being adopted by a blood relative or a stepparent.

The Court may grant the grandparents reasonable visitation rights if the Court finds by clear and convincing evidence that the health or welfare of the grandchild would be harmed unless the visitation was granted and that the best interest of the child would be served by granting the visitation.

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