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Are you in need of an experienced Family Law Attorney to handle your Child Support Issues?

Hire Stephanie D. Dixon as your Family & Divorce Law Attorney and Achieve the Best Possible Outcome!

S. Dixon Law Offices has the experience and know-how when it comes to Family Law and Divorce Law issues. Located in Buckhead Atlanta, the firm offers free private parking. Child Support and Child Custody is one of the main legalities to be addressed during any divorce involving minors. Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon is a former GA Law Professor that taught on this subject and is all too familiar with GA Law as it relates to these delicate issues.

Listed here are just a few of many questions and answers that come up during family law consults concerning Child Support Law in GA.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

Child Support issues can lead to legal consequenses

Q:  How long do I have to pay court-ordered child support?

A:  You must pay child support for a minor child until the child reaches the age of majority (18), dies, marries or becomes emancipated, whichever first occurs.  However, the court has the discretion to order you to pay support for a child who has not previously married or become emancipated, who is enrolled in and attending a secondary school, and who has attained the age of majority before completing a secondary school education.  Please note that child support shall not be required after a child reaches the age of 20 in this instance.

Q: Can I receive support to pay for my child’s college education?

A:  The Court cannot order parents to pay for college expenses.  However, parents may agree to pay child support beyond the age of 18 or pay for the child’s college education.

Q: Can a parent interfere with visitation if child support is not paid?

A:  No.  Child support and visitation are separate issues.

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