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Child Support Questions Answered

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We have the answers to your Child Support Questions

At S. Dixon Law Offices, LLC, we understand that legal matters related to family issues are important and can be life-changing.  Child Support Questions must be answered by a Family Law & Divorce Attorney. Hire S. Dixon Law Offices for your Divorce and Family Law Issues in Atlanta.  Our Buckhead, Atlanta office is located at 2860 Piedmont Rd NE, Suite 110, Atlanta, GA 30305.

We guide our clients through the often emotional legal proceedings that affect their families. Here at S. Dixon Law Offices, we value the relationships that are formed by families and respect that our clients want to put their families first.

Do You need a lawyer for your Child Support Questions? Child Support can be a difficult subject to talk about, but we must understand that our children come first.  Child support is court ordered payment for the custodial parent to financially provide for the couple’s child, under separate households.  I answer some frequently asked child support questions here.  Please feel free to contact The Law Office of S. Dixon in order to obtain legal counsel. Need legal help for child custody issues? Click here to book your consult.


Child Support Questions

Q:  How long do I have to pay court-ordered child support?

A:  You must pay child support for a minor child until the child reaches the age of majority (18), dies, marries or becomes emancipated, whichever first occurs.  However, the court has the discretion to order you to pay child support for a child who has not previously married or become emancipated, who is enrolled in and attending a secondary school, and who has attained the age of majority before completing a secondary school education.  Please note that child support shall not be required after a child reaches the age of 20 in this instance.

Q: Can I receive child support to pay for my child’s college education?

A:  The Court cannot order parents to pay for college expenses.  However, parents may agree to pay child support beyond the age of 18 or pay for the child’s college education.

Q: Can a parent interfere with visitation if child support is not paid?

A:  No.  Child support and visitation are separate issues.

Q:  My order to pay child support is more than my income. Can I be put in jail?

A:  Yes. If you do not pay the court ordered child support and there is a contempt action for your failure to pay, then you could be put in jail. You can file for a modification of child support but not while you are in arrears or in response to a contempt, so you have to be current on your child support to get it modified if you think it is not an accurate amount based on the circumstances.

Q:  How can I have my license suspended and have to pay child support when neither her mom or I have not been to court?

A:  Child Support Recovery has jurisdiction to handle these matters and does not need to have either of you go to court to get child support and go after any arrears that aren’t paid. If you want a day in court, then hire a private attorney.

We offer mediation services in addition to traditional family law services.

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