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Breaking Divorce News To Your Children!

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Breaking Divorce News – It’s Never Easy

There is no perfect way to Breaking Divorce News to your children. As soon as you’re certain that you are getting a divorce talk to your kids about your decision to live apart. It is recommended if possible to have both parents present when Breaking Divorce News to the children. It’s important to try to leave feelings of sadness,  anger, guilt, or blame out of the conversation.

One of the most difficult decisions a family can make is divorce. A plethora of anxieties may begin to overwhelm you. But keep in mind to keep it all about the kids. 

Breaking Divorce News is difficult but it is important to remain honest and upfront with your children - This family decided to be loving and secure without having conflict in front of their children.

How to deal with younger Children – Breaking Divorce News 

The discussion should fit your children’s maturity, yet it should always include the message that what happened between mommy and daddy is not their fault. Most younger children will feel that they are to blame for their parent’s divorce. So, keep in mind that when Breaking Divorce News to your kids that you must reassure them that your divorce was not their doing. If you are not sure how to handle it, visit a qualified family counselor that deals with divorce and children. Give your kids enough information to prepare them for the upcoming changes. Try to answer your children’s questions truthfully. Pre-Teens (middle school age) will most likely be one of the most challenging age groups to deal with. They are old enough to comprehend, but not mature enough to deal with their emotions.

Breaking Divorce News to a Middle School Child might require a counselor

Questions to expect right after you Breaking Divorce News can include:

  • Who will we live with?
  • Where will we go to school?
  • Will we have to move?
  • Where will dad live?
  • Can we live with who we choose to?
  • Where will we spend vacation?
  • Will we still get to see our friends?
  • Can we still go to the same camp this summer?

Teenagers are smart don’t underestimate your Teen’s intelligence when it comes to Breaking Divorce News

Breaking Divorce News is difficult and should be done with caution

Teens may be more in tune with what their parents have been going through in their marriage and may even welcome the divorce news. You may be surprised to see their response. Teenagers may also have more questions for you, some of them which can put you in a compromising and possibly embarrassing position. Discuss this with your soon to be ex and decide as a time where the boundaries are when it comes to details.  


Handling Your Kids’ Reaction -Breaking Divorce News

Young kids that are not able to verbally express themselves and may even get aggressive or angry with you when you try to explain that Daddy and Mommy will be living in separate places. Whether your kids express fear, anger or sadness, about your separation, you have to be patient and remain the grown-up.

 Breaking Divorce News To Younger children can be extra challenging for Mothers and Fathers.

Tell your children that you are upset too. Breaking Divorce News is never easy, but you have to be honest and firm.  Recognize and care about their feelings, and reassure the kids that all of their feelings are perfectly normal and understandable. You may say: “I know this is very hard for you but  let’s think of something we can do that would make you guys feel better?” Not all children react right away. Let them know that’s OK, and that you can talk when they’re ready. Some kids try to please their parents by acting as if everything is ok. Observe their behavior closely and visit their schools to discuss the upcoming divorce with teachers and staff if necessary.

Adjusting To A New Living Situation

Because divorce can be such a big change, adjustments in living arrangements should be handled gradually and with the help of a qualified Family Law Attorney and counselor.

Several types of living situations should be considered:

  • One parent may have full custody
  • Joint custody in which both legal and physical custody is shared
  • Joint custody where one parent has “tie-breaking” authority in certain medical or educational settings

Which living arrangement is right for your children? That’s a hard question and often the one that divorcees spend most time disagreeing on. Although some children can thrive spending 50% of their time with each parent, most children do not respond positively to the change, at least not initially. 

Whatever arrangement you choose, your children’s needs should come first. Avoid fighting and getting involved in a tug of war as a way to “win.” Remember that you want to be a great example of how a couple should act when going through a divorce.  When deciding how to handle holidays, birthdays, and vacations, stay focused on what’s best for your children and not what your preference is.

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