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9 Divorce Tips that can help you survive the upcoming Holidays!

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9 Divorce Tips that can help you this Holiday Season
1.) Keep Your Emotions in Check

As hard as it is, keep your emotions under control for your sake. It not only causes disharmony all around you, but children or not nothing good comes out of flipping out on your ex-spouse about his new girlfriend, or even your co-workers for spilling your coffee after you get a disturbing text message from your ex or soon to be ex.
Reasons For Divorce - Divorce Tips - Keep Your Emotions in Check!

Divorce Tips – Keep Your Emotions in Check!

2.) Be Flexible
The holidays are about celebrating with family and friends and don’t HAVE to occur on only one specific day. Many of my clients who are celebrating the holidays for the first time as a single parent will get tied up with the idea that holidays can only happen on the official day marked on the calendar.
Divorce Tips include how to handle your divorce orders - Child Custody and Visitation CHILD SUPPORT QUESTIONS
For example, it’s not unusual for them to think that Thanksgiving Day can ONLY happen on the fourth Thursday of November (as it does here in the US). However, with a bit of advance planning, you may decide that Thanksgiving will actually happen the Saturday before the fourth Thursday of November so you can celebrate it with your kids.Having an early Thanksgiving even has the added benefit of allowing you to avoid the crowd buying their last-minute turkey and fixings! Think about it from your kids’ point of view too. Most kids love the holidays and having double the holidays – one with Mom and one with Dad – might be something the kids think is great!

3.) Be Patient

Divorce Tips by S. Dixon Law in Atlanta Make it all about your kids. Family Law and Child Custody Law

Fighting in front of your children is a prime example of how not to make it all about your kids – Divorce Tips for the upcoming holidays.

Even in the best of times, the holidays can be a bit hectic. However, when you’re celebrating the holidays for the first time on your own, they can feel more than hectic. It can feel overwhelming! You’ve got so much going on emotionally with your divorce that the added tasks, events and scheduling of the holidays can all be just a bit too much.

 Be patient with yourself, and your kids as well as the rest of your family as you navigate the upcoming holidays. This is new and different for everyone and a little patience will go a long way toward making your first holidays post-separation/divorce more enjoyable than you might believe they can be right now.

4.) Focus On Others

Another way to enjoy the holiday season is to focus on those less fortunate than you. Now I get there are times when you feel like the most unfortunate person around (at least that’s how I felt at times when I was going through my divorce), but you really can survive your divorce and the holidays by being willing to recognize that it could be worse.

Divorce Tips include focusing on others versus your current temporary situation.

Divorce Tips include focusing on others versus your current temporary situation.

5.) It’s Not About The Stuff!

Gift giving is often a big part of the holiday season. With separation and divorce, the funds available for gift giving can be temporarily less than they were before. However, gifts don’t need to be purchased to be appreciated. Sometimes the gift of time and attention means more than any store-bought gift ever could.

Divorce Tips include focusing on others versus your current temporary situation. It’s not about Stuff. It’s about spending quality time with your loved ones.

6.) Let Happiness Happen

For a lot of people going through a Divorce can seem strange to experience any emotion other than some form of upset. However, if you start to feel happy as a result of the holiday events, ENJOY the feeling! You deserve to be happy and enjoy the holidays just as much as everyone else does.

 7.) Reach Out To Family and Friends

Almost everyone I know wishes someone could read their mind and offer help when it’s needed. On the other hand, I don’t know anyone who can read minds with any real reliability. The message here is if you need a little extra help to get your holidays to feeling merrier, be sure and ask for it. Don’t wait for someone to guess what you need because there’s a chance that they might not guess correctly.

8.)Make New Traditions

Divorce Tips include focusing on others versus your current temporary situation.

Divorce Tips include focusing on others versus your current temporary situation. Make New Traditions!

With a divorce, so many things change. Some of these changes are not so comfortable, but some of these changes are good and might even be fun. What new family tradition can you introduce this holiday season to keep things fun? It could be something as simple as adding a new dish to the setup or to go to a play the day before, whatever brings new happiness and a positive change. 

9.) Nix The Guilt

We feel that this is one of the most important Divorce Tips we can give you. So many divorced parents feel guilty about how the kids’ holidays will be different. The thing is different doesn’t necessarily mean bad or wrong. Different is just different. If you nix the guilt and embrace the new way your holidays will be, then your kids will enjoy the holidays too. After all, if the kids are now having double the celebrations it’s worth making sure they’re having fun with you. 

In Closing – By Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon 

Try to work with your ex (or soon to be ex) in a cooperative manner for the kids’ sake or go back to modify your agreement! One of the things I always tell my clients is that their divorce is between them and their former spouse. The holidays can be a wonderful experience for the kids provided that’s the shared goal for you and your former spouse. 

 In Georgia, you can modify your original custody Agreement/Order if there is a material change in condition or circumstances. The Court will look at the best interests of the children. That does not mean that you will achieve the Modification in Custody. It depends on the facts of your case and the Court’s discretion. *

Divorce Tips include focusing on others versus your current temporary situation.

Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon – Founder and Managing Partner at S. Dixon Law Firm in Buckhead Atlanta.

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