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How To Choose The Right Divorce Lawyer

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 S. Dixon Law Offices has been assisting people with their Divorce in Atlanta for a decade

Choose the right Divorce Lawyer & you will have peace of mind. 


Deciding how to choose the right Divorce lawyer can sometimes be as psychologically and mentally tolling as deciding to file for divorce, a choice that you should not be taken lightly. How do you choose the right lawyer for your divorce? S. Dixon Law Offices provides the best advocacy for your most complex divorce in the Atlanta area.

Questions to ask yourself to make sure you choose the right Divorce Lawyer

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  1. Can your lawyer provide mediation? S. Dixon Law  Offices provides mediation services at fair hourly fees. (Keep in mind that if Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon handles your mediation, she cannot represent for your divorce).
  2. Does your potential lawyer have experience in custody laws? Dixon Law focuses on child advocacy including adoption law. S Dixon Law Offices has represented many clients in the last several years and the goal is always to create the best possible scenario for the children and the entire family.
  3. Does your potential lawyer have a willingness to work with you financially? Dixon Law provides the fairest fees in the industry, with the rarely seen flat rate fee for the divorce.
  4. Will your lawyer diligently advocate for you? S. Dixon Law can help you achieve the best possible outcome to your divorce.

S. Dixon Law Offices often represents people who have significant assets they need to protect. Attorney Stephanie D. Dixon a handles many high-conflict divorces, including those involving adultery, domestic violence, and contested child custody. When you hire S. Dixon Law, you can count on strong advocacy, fair fees, and personalized attention.

How to choose the right divorce lawyer

You can never anticipate a divorce; Therefore, you do not plan for the emotional distress and financial burden that may come as a result of the process of going through a divorce. The decisions that are made during your divorce can affect your life and the life of your children for years to come. However, an experienced divorce attorney who will diligently advocate for you can help you achieve the best outcome possible during this stressful time in your life. At. S. Dixon Law Offices, we are a divorce law firm dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights in divorces involving marital debt division, child custody, marital property division, child support, and spousal support.

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