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It’s All About Your Kids – 7 Divorce Tips For Parents

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Divorce Is Hard Enough – Make It All About Your Kids

Parents, Keep your emotions in check. In the end, it’s all about your kids. Every divorce will affect the children involved, and many times the initial reaction is one of sadness, frustration, anger, and worry. Learn More>>

Make it all about your kids. Family Law and Child Custody Law

Fighting in front of your children is a prime example of how not to make it all about your kids

Remember that your children can come out of it better and will be able to cope with the stress of your divorce if you remain rock solid in your parenting style, and remember it is all about your kids and their emotional health. 


The most important things that parents can do to help their kids remain healthy through the Divorce is to remember to keep it all about the kids!

  1. Do not engage in conflict, heated discussions, and have legal conversations with your soon to be ex in front of your children
  2. Minimize the disruptions to your children’s routine 
  3. Confine negativity and emotional outbursts to your therapy sessions
  4. Conduct your private conversations with friends away from your children
  5. Remain emotionally stable and be supportive of your children
  6. Remain the parent by not relying on your children for emotional support 
  7. Allow for each parent to remain involved in the kids’ lives if possible – remember to make it all about your kids

Keep it all about your kids during your divorce you are the parent.

Parents, if you are going through a separation or divorce, get support from other family members, friends, and professionals, but not your children. Do not discuss the details of your divorce with your children.

Keep it all about your kids during your Divorce and everything will turn out fine!

Teenagers can be especially affected by feeling like they have to choose between their parents.  This can be harmful to their emotional health and can cause difficulty with one or both parents down the line.


When you have the kids spend quality time with them! 
Newly Separated? Spend time with your kids they will appreciate it more than anyone


Make it all about your Kids 

Spread the love to your family. Give the children your attention and have some fun. Spend time with them playing outside, making cookies, read with them, and allow them to play with their friends as always. Simply love them by making it all about your kids. Show them the focus and give them the attention they deserve and need. Make them smile often. 

Love Yourself on the days you don’t have your children! 

Take yourself to dinner and a movie with a friend, get out of the house and visit a museum or take your dog to the park. 
Don’t have a dog? Well, now may be the time to visit a local animal shelter to adopt one. 

Not only can animals bring joy to you, but they can also be a great companion for your children. Animals can also teach children responsibility and keep loneliness to a minimum when they are with the other parent. 

Evening – It’s Your Time

Whether the kids are with the other parent, or they are in their rooms sleeping, you deserve “You” time after hours. 
Take the time to make your favorite meal when the kids are gone it should be all about you. Have a glass of champagne,  listen to your favorite music and relax with your iPad and your favorite recorded TV-series in hand.  

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