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Top Reasons For Divorce

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Top Reasons For Divorce and Separation

By E. Jackson

How does a marriage fall apart? Top Reasons For Divorce  include financial problems, an overall lack of communication, ongoing arguments over the same issues, unrealistic expectations, and an absence of intimacy, which often results in adultery.

Reasons For Divorce

#1 Financial Problems

Of all common Reasons For Divorce, financial problems are perhaps the most painful. A lack of financial goals can lead to different spending habits – which can cause a serious rift if one spouse makes more than the other. Financial knowledge can serve as a form of power in a marriage. For example, if your spouse fails to communicate before making large purchases, taking risks with your investments, or sharing pertinent information about household expenses, it can lead to an intense feeling of betrayal. Disagreements about money place an immense strain on marriages around the world and often lead to seemingly larger problems like adultery.

#2 Lack of Communication

If you and your spouse took part in pre-marriage counseling, you already know that communication is absolutely crucial in a successful marriage. Failure to communicate can lead to frustration, resentment, and withdrawal, ultimately resulting in an unhappy marriage or divorce. Good communication, on the other hand, can prove to be the foundation of a strong marriage. When negative emotions overwhelm you, don’t yell at your spouse or refuse to talk about the problem. Practice mindful, honest, and calm communication. This is perhaps the most difficult part of marriage to master, but it is well worth the effort. The problem that a lot of couples experience is that communication styles are often extremely different and miscommunications arise frequently causing lack of communication to be one of the Top Reasons For Divorce. 

Reasons For Divorce

#3 Constant Arguing

Constant disagreements and arguing lead to broken relationships and often end the marriage. Men tend to hate the “nagging” and women complain they are being ignored.

Every marriage faces a range of disagreements that center-around parenting, chores, bills, and just every day life.  Incessant arguing does not only wear the relationship down, but it is also extremely unhealthy for everyone involved.  When couples are going through those rough times outside influences such as family and friends can make things a lot worse. Family Therapists advise married couples to remain private and to leave close friends and family out of the marriage.  If you are trying to work on your marriage seek help from professionals not people that cannot and will not be objective.  More often than not, ongoing arguments take place because two good people are trapped in a difficult situation without the coping skills to deal with the situation. Men tend to isolate or hang out with their buddies, women on the other hand often lean on a close family members such as a sister or cousin. Neither is the solution to working through a marriage.

Reasons For Divorce Divorce Without Children

#4 Unrealistic Expectations

Reasons For Divorce include having unrealistic expectations about life and marriage. Plenty of spouses enter into a marriage with lofty expectations, not realizing what a real marriage looks and feels like. Married life is far from perfect. There will be good days, bad days, and ongoing life problems to solve together. When unrealistic expectations leave one spouse feeling disillusioned and the other spouse feeling stained, can set the marriage up for failure.

#5 Significant Weight Gain

There are many Reasons For Divorce, but significant weight gain is likely the most misunderstood. Rarely do spouses leave one another for weight gain alone. Other factors include an attitude change due to a lack of self-esteem. Lack of intimacy is often an issue that happens because the overweight spouse feels unattractive, or the other spouse is no longer physically attracted to the spouse due to the weight gain. While this may sound harsh, unfair, and superficial, choosing a healthier lifestyle, losing weight and going to counseling for support may save your marriage. 

#6 Absence of Intimacy & Adultery

Top reasons for Divorce and separation include lack of intimacy - Newly separated couples should not make these common mistakes

This is still one of the Top Reasons For Divorce today. Not feeling connected to your spouse can quickly and swiftly lead to divorce. It begins to feel as though you’re living with a stranger or a roommate, rather than your best friend and your spouse.  The problem of cheating during marriage often occurs when one spouse is not emotional and physically available to the other. That is not always the case but often resentment and anger derived from other issues can cause a lack of intimacy and finally push one spouse or both into affairs that could have been avoided. Whether you’re lacking physical or emotional intimacy, counseling can help break the cycle. Try to avoid giving your spouse the constant cold shoulder. Instead, practice acts of kindness and appreciation. You’ll be surprised how often these acts are reciprocated. Intimacy is also important when it comes to dealing with daily stress. It helps couples feel close and United which is ultimately what a marriage should feel like more often than not.

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